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You can also come to Porsche Bulen for a complete engine overhaul. Jürgen learned the trade from legendary engine specialist Luc Boulet, who brought discerning customers from all over Europe to Boulet Motoren in Tongeren. Official Porsche dealers or large collectors easily knew the way to Boulet Motoren. 

After a career spanning several decades, Luc ended his rich career in 2022. But fortunately, he had secured his succession for some time, so his rare expertise was not lost. By passing on his knowledge, precision actions and ideas to Jürgen, who spent several hundred hours in Luc's workshop, learning the trade under his strict supervision, his customers could rest assured. This allows Jürgen, like Luc, to carry out precise engine overhauls according to the brand's authentic techniques and strict quality requirements. 


You can come to Porsche Bulen for the following precision operations, among others:


  • Cleaning of parts (washing, bead blasting)

  • Checking and polishing crankshaft

  • Bead blasting, checking and correcting connecting rods

  • Line boring of engine block (crankcase)

  • Removal and installation of crankcase studs

  • Installation of helicoils

  • Flattening of crankcase bearing surfaces

  • Flattening bearing surfaces of crankcase bolts

  • Shot-blasting of cylinder heads

  • Replacing intake and exhaust valve guides

  • Grinding valve seats

  • Rodage valves

  • Flattening cylinder heads

  • Extraction of exhaust threads, helicoils, threaded bushings

  • Plane grinding of flywheel

  • Dynamic balancing of rotation ensemble

  • Precision weighing of connecting rods

  • Precision weighing of pistons

  • Drilling and honing cylinders to piston dimensions

Once the engine is built, Porsche Bulen has state-of-the-art testing equipment to run the engine correctly and check all parameters in the meantime. Once the car is ready, it can be placed on our state-of-the-art test bench (roller bed) to measure power and torque.


Need more information? Get in touch with us.

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