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Porsche Bulen offers both partial restorations and full "from scratch" restorations. For the latter, a car is brought to us in any condition, after which we take time to discuss with the customer about what they expect. Nothing is left to chance. Both engine, gearbox and the interior and exterior of your car are covered. There are various possibilities for bodywork restorations, and everything is discussed with the customer down to the smallest detail, in order to have clarity and no surprises afterwards. The customer is also invited to follow the project closely, at Porsche Bulen there are no secrets. Needless to mention, original parts are also used here. Under the engine overhaul tab, you can see the possibilities for the restoration of your jewel's power source. Respect for the traditions of the legendary Porsche brand is central to every restoration started at Porsche Bulen.

PB Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 (7 van 79).jpg
Porsche Bulen Porsche 911 2.0 S 1968 (70).jpg
PB Porsche 911 E V1 (17 van 43).jpg
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