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At Porsche Bulen you can not only buy and sell Porsches and Porsche parts but also various other services. Our additional services are listed below with a brief explanation. Do you have a question concerning one of our services or is the service you require not listed? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you as soon as possible.


At Bulen, we know how important your car's tyres are. As an homologated tyre dealer, we make sure that the correct N-coding goes with your type of car. For you, Garage Bulen closely follows the development of approved Porsche wheels and tyres so that the latest innovations and the latest Classic models can always be used when it suits you.


If you have any questions about which summer or winter tyres to use, you will get the right advice at Bulen. Do not hesitate to ask about the possibility of storing your winter tyres. So you can rest assured that you will enjoy driving every season with peace of mind. At Bulen, tyre service in all its simplicity constantly means a safe vision of track stability and road orientation.



Garage Bulen understands like no other the movement of your car and makes sure it is always in tip-top shape. Only the best original parts are used for maintenance, repairs and bodywork. This in-depth know-how is characteristic of Bulen: Jurgen guarantees 100% correct advice and an impeccable inspection. Garage Bulen uses sophisticated read-out equipment and the diagnosis made is invariably discussed in agreement with the customer.


A service at Bulen runs very smoothly: you make an appointment, you bring your car in, you get a consultation and you are told immediately when you can come and pick up your car again. And at the end of the ride, there is the familiar notification of warranty. Sometimes life doesn't have to be complicated... that's what garage Bulen is known for!


Porsche Bulen honours the concept of 'from zero restoration' in which, above all, a total approach to your classic models 356 and 911 is pursued. Nothing is left to chance. Both the interior and exterior of your car are addressed. Needless to say, we also work with original parts.


Garage Bulen specialises in restoring original engine and gearboxes as well as renovating leather upholstery. Furthermore, Bulen knows better than anyone to treat the precious paintwork and respect the legendary Fuchs rims. Respect for tradition is at the heart of this unique zero-restoration. Thus, Bulen returns with you to the discreet essence of Porsche!

Attached dirt, annoying scratches and matt paint defects are definitely a thing of the past when Bulen has taken care of your car. Polishing and cleaning is done with the latest appropriate products and materials. Paintwork, plastic and rubber are all carefully scrutinised before all inaccuracies are expertly removed.


The leather in your car also gets a skilful treatment to make it look fresh and original again. At garage Bulen, every proud Porsche owner drives away satisfied in a radiant car with thoroughly nourished leather, meticulously waxed wheels and beautifully gleaming sheet metal. Adieu weathering! Long live the natural shine!

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